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I’m a busy wife and mother who has absolutely no time to myself. I constantly have two children attached to my body at ALL times. Whether I am home cooking, cleaning, sitting on the couch or in the bathroom; there they are! I’m a soccer, baseball and volleyball mom and coach. I live every single minute of my life for my family; as it should be. My life is crazy and I enjoy laughing at myself along the way. I hope you enjoy some of these sarcastic stories, recipes and other articles I’ve compiled for you.

we chose to live life today

the truth about cancer
The Truth About Cancer: Part 3








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the time i ate all of my daughters candy

the mom saga






the truth about cancer
The Truth About Cancer: Part 2
The truth about cancer
The Truth About Cancer: Part 1


So really, by definition of “unconditional love” you are promising that (no matter the circumstances) you will deal with someone else’s bullshit for the rest of your life. Like, forever… Let that soak in for a minute.

don't judge me because i don't want kids







laundry guide to save your sanity









Am I Raising An Asshole?







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