Sleep Deprived Nonsense

Sleep Deprived Nonsense

So, my 19 month old feels it necessary to break into a full on crying fit at night every time she needs to change her sleeping positions. Awesome, right? This results in me running in with milk to comfort her before she wakes up her brother. She then refuses the bottle of milk and holds her arms out for me to pick her up. (Yes, she still drinks a bottle at night and no, I don’t give a shit what anyone says. One thing at a time.) We end up in our bed for the rest of the night and she sleeps on top of my face screaming at me every 30 minutes to an hour for either a diaper change, milk, a cuddle from a grumpy daddy or to be picked up and rocked back to sleep from mommy. Yup, my nights are filled with a busy agenda. Needless to say, I don’t get much sleep….

So, today my exhaustion was catching up to me as I was laying on the couch for a while; slipping in and out of conscience every couple of minutes while my precious little screamer was crawling all over my body. After about 45 minutes I got up and told my son that I was sorry for being so lazy.
He said, (in his sweetest softest chipmunk voice) “it’s okay mommy. Is there something I can do for you? Brush your hair? (Thanks for pointing that out) Clean the table? Clean the kitchen? Anything?”
Awww!  He makes my heart smile so bright sometimes!  I replied, “no, baby but I appreciate that you want to do those things for me. I love you. You like to make people happy and I love that about you.”
(…. And then the sweet moment passes)   As his eye balls were then glued to the TV; he then responded without looking up, “huh? I’m sorry mom. What were you saying?”
I replied, “Nothing, I was just saying that you’re just like your daddy. Now, clean the table and brush my hair…”
Then he randomly asked me if I had ever worked at Hooters and I confirmed yet again that he is in fact his father’s child.

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