Homemade Pizza

This Homemade Pizza recipe comes from the Diaries of a Picky Eater. AKA my kid!

If there is one thing he would want to eat on a daily basis; it’s pizza! (Of course, it’s pizza with NO cheese because he is the picky eater after all!) He actually ate homemade pizza almost every single day when he was in kindergarten. I couldn’t handle the stress of him starving while he was at school. I packed his lunchbox with pizza because at least I knew he had something he would actually eat and I would save the food battles for dinner time.

homemade pizza from the diaries of a picky eater

I know you want the recipe but first, I had to share this funny video of my daughter making her homemade pizza “with cheeeeese.”

Easy pizza dough for homemade pizza

Easy Pizza Dough Ingredients:

Active Dry Yeast             1 pkg (.25oz)

Granulated Sugar          1 tablespoon

All purpose flour            2 1/2 cupsPicky Eater Stamp of Approval

Salt                                     1 teaspoon

Olive Oil                            2 tablespoons

Water (warm)                  1 cup


Add the yeast, sugar and warm water in a bowl and mix. Allow the yeast time (about 3-4 minutes) to activate and get foamy.

Pre-heat oven to 450 degrees.

Add the flour, oil, salt and stir. If the dough is too sticky; add flour a little bit at a time. If it’s too dry; add a tiny bit of water (about a teaspoon) at a time. Once the dough is to a desired cosistancy, let it rest in a dry warm place. (I wrap mine in a clean dish towel while I get my pizza toppings together.

Roll out the dough on a floured surface.

Bake the dough alone for about 5 minutes (until the dough starts to bubble up) on a baking sheet.

Easy Pizza Dough for Homemade Pizza

Homemade Pizza Directions:

Take it out of the oven and add the toppings of your choice.

Amazing Pasta Sauce, cheese, pepperoni, fresh basil, tomatoes, sausage, jalapenos, peppers, mushrooms, olives etc…

And of course, our mozzarella cheese would be moldy on pizza day! (Sad face emoji) We had to resort to using the “fiesta blend”. And just like that, we created Mexican Pizzas! Not my personal favorite cheese for pizza but it got the job done and for some reason the flavor it was better the next day!

Amazing Pasta Sauce for Homemade Pizza

Once your toppings are on, place the pizza back into the oven (directly on the oven rack for a crispier pizza) for about 8 more minutes. Time will really depend on the thickness of your pizza dough. You will know it is done when the crust becomes golden brown and the cheese is bubbling.

pizza with no cheese for the picky eater

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