Laundry Guide To Save Your Sanity

Okay I’ll admit it…

I’m probably the least domestic work-from-home mom you’ll ever meet. In fact, I’m probably the least likely person to give you advice about laundry. So, how did I create this Laundry Guide to Save Your Sanity? Well, quite honestly I’ve had a housekeeper for as long as I can remember and I depend on her as much as I depend on my right arm. I’ve never had to worry about having an uncontrollable mess, dirty dishes or piled up laundry. I knew she would always come to my rescue. That is, until one dreadfully sad, sad, sad day… she quit. Did I mention, sad?

The one thing I miss the most is having our laundry done. How do people do this stuff!? Let me get this rant out of the way… I HATE LAUNDRY!!

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laundry guide to save your sanity

So, now I have to come up with a simplified procedure or I give up and drown in this sea of laundry.

Personally, the problem is not getting the laundry washed and dried. It’s getting the laundry put away that is incredibly monotonous. I end up throwing in the towel and leaving the clean clothes in a pile on my bedroom floor.

Best. Wife. Ever… Right?

After, mountains of clothes and many, many unsuccessful trials and miserable failures, I finally found a routine that works for me. Here it is…

Laundry Guide To Save Your SANITY

Divide the clothes into these categories:

Shirts and Sweaters
Underwear, Socks and Undershirts
Towels and Blankets

Do not, I repeat, do not throw in one or two shirts with your pants load or vice versa! This may sound ridiculous but trust me, it’s an O.C.D nightmare. You will be thankful in the end. Laundry Guide to Save Your SanityRather than separate by just colors, I find it easier and less chaotic in the end to put away the clothes that are in these categories.

When I get pants out of the drier I lay them out flat in a pile and start placing pant hangers on all of them. Same with the shirts and sweaters. Since underwear, socks and undershirts are all things that need to be folded, they all go in the same load.

I find it easier to get into a faster rhythm if I’m doing all of the same category instead of switching from shirt hangers to pant hangers and folding undershirts in between matching socks. This may not be rocket science but it was a breakthrough for me when the laundry actually started getting put away!

I challenge you to try this Laundry Guide to Save Your Sanity for one week and let me know how it goes!

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