The Cancer Blog

The Cancer Blog:

On September 11, 2015 I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Since then, our lives have been completely turned upside down. Not only was I diagnosed with a Neuroendocrine pancreatic tumor but I was also diagnosed with multiple tumors down my spinal cord and brain. So basically, I have different types of cancer. If cancer was the lottery; I hit the jackpot. It hasn’t been easy and we are still battling everyday but with the incredible out-pour of love and support from our beautiful community of family and friends, we have made it through the absolute most difficult time in our lives. I couldn’t be more grateful for them. There aren’t even words to describe how I feel but I will try my best! Here are my stories. Appropriately called The Cancer Blog.

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the truth about cancer

 the truth about cancer

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The Truth About Cancer: Part 2the truth about cancer

The Truth About Cancer: Part 1

The truth about cancer


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the cancer blog

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